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has many years of experience in manufacturing according to customer drawings - parts, blanks, embedded parts, assemblies and mechanisms. By entrusting us with their own developments and drawings, customers are confident in copyright protection and protection from copying of intellectual work. Our own warehouse of metal of popular brands speeds up order fulfillment. Modern equipment and an experienced team guarantee high-quality order execution in a short time.
Main activities:

Cutting, bending, rolling, turning and milling, powder painting, welding

Metal processing and production of parts and spare parts according to customer drawings

Assembly of ready-made units of mechanics, industrial equipment and special equipment

Development and production of equipment for industrial tool
The enterprise has its own production and technical base, which allows it to perform most of the operations in the cycle of manufacturing blank parts, as well as assembling components. The production cycle widely uses modern technologies using CNC machines: laser cutting of metal, plasma cutting, plotter cutting, turning, milling, metal bending, metal rolling, powder painting of parts, assembly of ready-made units in Chelyabinsk according to the customer’s specifications. The equipment is presented by leading machine tool companies from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Turkey.

The company has a quality management system; internal standards and processes of the company comply with GOST R ISO-9001-2008.

The presence of warehouse stocks and the strong relationships with suppliers that have developed as a result of many years of work allow us to offer optimal conditions, both in terms of deadlines for fulfilling orders, and to fulfill the order from the steel laid down in the technical documentation.
Quality comes first

We produce products that meet all quality standards and meet the required qualifications. This is confirmed by relevant certificates and certificates. Our company produces custom parts, as well as spare parts for special equipment and industrial equipment according to customer drawings.
Manufacturing custom parts according to a drawing or sample is a labor-intensive process and requires not only ultra-precise equipment, but also highly qualified personnel who have many years of experience in this field and have been producing all kinds of products for many years. If necessary, our specialists will independently carry out all the necessary measurements, make drawings and manufacture metal parts on machines. Our customers are guaranteed to receive high quality products. The professionals of the Metalworking Center carry out any work related to metalworking. We are always happy to accept new orders and get new clients!
Price policy

We have affordable prices for manufacturing parts. You can find out the current price by phone number or simply contact us online. Our specialists promptly answer customer questions and provide complete information regarding a particular case. The production of complex parts, as well as the production of machine tool equipment parts, is carried out by professionals who have all the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the work.
Technical equipment

Our enterprise is equipped with new machines that allow us to carry out work in large volumes quickly and efficiently. We work according to customer drawings and samples. We always use modern metalworking equipment in our work. Before production begins, customers send us drawings so that specialists can assess the full scale of the work and calculate the cost.Vy mozhete ubedit'sya samostoyatel'no, chto u nas samyye nizkiye tseny v gorode na uslugi metalloobrabotki, a kachestvo vsegda ostayetsya vysokim. Obrashchaytes' v nashu kompaniyu, yesli vam trebuyetsya obrabotka ili proizvodstvo zapchastey ili detaley k promyshlennomu oborudovaniyu. Vy poluchite vsyu nuzhnuyu vam produktsiyu v strogo ogovorennyy srok i v luchshem vide!

You can see for yourself that we have the lowest prices in the city for metalworking services, and the quality always remains high. Contact our company if you require processing or production of spare parts or components for industrial equipment. You will receive all the products you need within a strictly specified time frame and in the best possible way!

Any questions? We will consider your request within an hour!

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