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The Metalworking Center company is opening a new line of activity - industrial plotter cutting of elastic materials. This method of manufacturing seals and gaskets for fixed and moving connections of mechanisms and assemblies is an alternative to stamping, laser and hydrojet cutting. Using plotter cutting, it is possible to cut almost any elastic sheet materials, technical fabrics and cardboard.
Possibility of manufacturing gaskets and seals according to your own drawings,
Production of small batches or prototypes,
High production speed,
Budget cutting cost,
Smooth edge without soot or taper.
Advantages of plotter cutting:
Plotter cutting is performed on a modern, powerful CNC machine equipped with a vacuum table, thanks to which the material is securely fixed, eliminating displacement of geometry and dimensions. Then a miniature knife begins to cut out the part in accordance with the Customer’s drawing, translated into a software format. In this case, the edge does not heat up and does not melt. Once cutting is complete, the operator removes the parts from the sheet, removes the cutouts from the holes, and completes the parts for shipment.

List of processed materials:
Plotter cutting technology
Technical plates (rubber) up to 30 mm thick - GOST, TU, MBS-S, TMKShch-S, porous, reinforced, vacuum,
Silicone plates, caprolon, offset rubber
Paronit PON-B, PMB, PA, PE, PC, VATI,
Cardboard of all brands, up to 50 mm thick,
EVA, polystyrene foam, foam rubber and other foam sheet materials,
Technical fabrics, hydrocarbon fabric, felt, leather, upholstery fabric.
Plotter cutting of rubber
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