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Plasma cutting is one of the most effective methods of cutting metal from a technical and economic point of view. The machine allows you to quickly and efficiently cut metals of various grades, including refractory alloys. We carry out quality control at all stages of this work, and therefore the likelihood of defects is reduced to almost zero.
Cost of plasma cutting of metal

The price of plasma cutting per meter depends on the grade of metal or alloy, metal thickness, number of similar parts, and total order volume. The exact cost of the order is calculated by the manager based on the provided drawings and requirements.

Main characteristics of the equipment

Advantages of the plasma cutting method

High degree of accuracy up to 0.4 mm.

Compared to other sheet metal processing technologies, plasma cutting has a number of advantages, including: add about the low cost of cutting

The equipment allows you to cut out large-sized parts and almost any configuration, while maintaining affordable prices.

High cutting performance;

Possibility of cutting low-alloy steels and alloys;

No need for further processing of the cut;

The size of the processed sheets is 2000x6000mm.
Maximum workpiece thickness:
Sheet metal up to 36 mm inclusive (plasma cutting) and up to 120 mm inclusive (gas cutting)

loyalty program

We have a system of discounts depending on the volume of the order, and we have a loyalty program for regular customers. Find out more from our managers.

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