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Powder painting is a method of painting metal parts in a spray booth with dry paint. The paint is applied to the parts using an electrostatic method, after which it is melted and cured. This method allows you to apply a protective layer of paint with high wear-resistant properties compared to other painting methods. Dimensions of the spray booth - 1800x2000 mm
The strongest aspects of polymer powder painting are its hardness and strength under mechanical stress.

Temperature range acceptable for product operation: from (-60) to (+150) degrees Celsius.
Painting metal products gives them excellent electrical insulating properties.
There are no restrictions on order volume. Each client is granted certain privileges. The organization's staff consistently demonstrates professionalism and responsibility when fulfilling each order. Powder coating gives metal products additional strength.

Employees of the Metalworking Center company successfully cope with the most complex and non-standard projects. The impeccable and detailed execution of each order ensures a high level of reputation in a wide range of customer circles - both among customers of serial large-scale metal structures, and among customers who apply because of the need to process small parts.
Advantages of powder coating of metal
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Price for powder painting of metal in Chelyabinsk

Work examples
Product dimensions

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Surface type

For baking paint and forming a coating

For applying powder paint to the surface of parts

To catch powder paint that has not settled on the product
Sprayers, masking elements, spare parts, etc.
Equipment for surface preparation before painting
To move products through technical stages. process


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