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In order to give the rolled product one or another shape according to the requirements of calculations or technical specifications, sheet metal is bent. This process can be carried out in two ways: manually and using special CNC equipment.
Since metal bending is a rather complex process and requires maximum precision, this procedure must be trusted to experienced specialists who have the necessary precision equipment. After all, even small errors in calculations can lead to product failure.
Who to trust with metal bending
If you need to make any parts to order, please contact our specialists. We will calculate the cost of your order taking into account all technical nuances and offer you favorable discounts.
Metal bending prices
Metal bending to order
For more detailed information on custom sheet metal bending services, you can call +7 (351) 220-26-69 or use the feedback form on the website.

loyalty program
We have a system of discounts depending on the volume of the order, and we have a loyalty program for regular customers. Find out more from our managers.
features of sheet metal bending
The hydraulic press of the Metalworking Center company processes parts with a sheet thickness from 0.5 to 12 mm (in certain cases, up to 16 mm is possible) of absolutely any complexity and with any bending angle.
Introduces the latest technology in press brake automation;
Well thought out design;
Maximum productivity when performing precision machining;
Large gap between the slabs and workspace;
Application of highly dynamic hydraulic servo valves;
Long dual guides combined with a well designed cylinder design create the largest and most flexible opening available;
Stable and fast-acting backgauge system driven by AC servo motor;
3D graphics controller and offline software;
Forming with numerical control;
Provides maximum angle accuracy, thereby satisfying even the highest requirements;
Provides standard 3 axes Y1 Y2 X and R
By contacting our company you can count on:
Main technical characteristics of the equipment

High quality metal bending;
Individual approach to each client;
Fast execution of any order;
Acceptable prices;
Precision in all details.
Main technical characteristics of the equipment
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