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Laser cutting is one of the reliable and effective metalworking methods. This method makes it possible to produce parts of high precision, maximum quality and any complexity. In addition, there is no need for further edge processing, since the laser does not leave any burrs.
The Metalworking Center company produces high-quality parts according to customer drawings. Our equipment allows us to quickly complete almost any order, regardless of its complexity and volume. Thanks to the use of pure cryogenic oxygen, maximum cut quality is achieved, which eliminates the need for further finishing of the material, which reduces the final cost of manufactured parts. The laser machine can cut non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, bronze and other materials up to 10 mm thick. It is also possible to cut stainless material in air, oxygen and nitrogen up to 12mm. Our equipment has good focusing of the laser beam.
Key features of laser cutting
To produce blanks and parts from metals whose oxidation is unacceptable, the Metalworking Center uses laser cutting in a nitrogen environment. With this processing option, the edge of the part does not melt or turn yellow, and is of high quality.

The price of laser cutting depends on many factors, such as

Incoming metal inspection
In addition to the certificates issued by the metal trading organization, our company can, if necessary, perform an analysis of the composition of the metal. There are often cases when the actual metal differs from that specified in the certificate. If it is important for you to be confident in the quality of the metal, we will perform all the necessary checks.
Cutting stainless steel 2mm thick

Cost of laser cutting of metal
Nitrogen laser cutting
Size of processed sheets: 2000mm x 6000mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Maximum workpiece thickness:
Low carbon steel: 30mm
Stainless steel: 12mm
Aluminium: 12mm

Nitrogen laser cutting is recommended for metals:

low carbon steel up to 30mm inclusive;

duralumin/aluminum up to 12mm inclusive;

stainless steel up to 12 mm inclusive;

laser cutting time;
programming time;
metal consumption;

number of similar products;
steel grade;
overall volume.

loyalty program

We have a system of discounts depending on the volume of the order, and we have a loyalty program for regular customers. Find out more from our managers.

To determine the price of laser cutting of parts, send us a drawing in the format of a design program. If the geometry of the product is simple, then we accept any version of the drawing, even hand-drawn.

We also offer metal bending, welding, painting and assembly services, which allows us to reduce the time and costs of producing the finished product.
Tumbling of parts
No matter how well a machine cuts, there are times when parts require additional machining, for example, to remove scale or flash. For this purpose, we offer a dry tumbling service for our customers. The maximum size of processed parts should not exceed 400x230mm.
Marking (engraving) of parts
At the customer's request, we provide a part marking service.

The marking machine allows you to apply numbers, letters, logos, and arbitrary geometric shapes to metal products. The marking surface can have a curvature of up to 30 degrees, which allows marking to be applied to pipes.
The cost of processing is from 25 rubles/kg.
Sagging of parts
If necessary, we can perform beading of parts, more details in the section Beading of parts.
duralumin/aluminum up to 12mm inclusive;

copper up to 12mm inclusive;

brass up to 12mm inclusive;

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