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The Metalworking Center company strives to provide comprehensive services for the production of blanks and metal parts. One of these services is welding work and assembly of several parts into a single unit.
Employees of the Metalworking Center plant can perform welding work of any scale and complexity, namely:
Types of welding work
Quality guarantee of welding work
Advantages of our company
Automatic and semi-automatic welding;
Manual welding of frames and metal products;
Welding in a shielding gas atmosphere;
We guarantee you delivery of finished products strictly on time, as well as high quality welds. All work will be carried out in accordance with GOST and comply with the requirements of the assembly drawing or technical specification.
Our company provides metal fabrication services from cutting sheet metal, bending products and welding multiple workpieces. Finished products can be painted or assembled into a unit. This allows us to reduce the production time of parts and logistics costs. Welding work is carried out by experienced welders using modern semi-automatic equipment.
The type of welding of a particular metal structure is determined individually and agreed upon separately.
Arc welding;
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