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At the moment, there are a huge number of different technologies for metal processing, but turning remains the most popular. This method of processing metal products has been used for a long time and is highly accurate, high-quality and reliable. Turning works are divided into several types according to the type of tools used in the processing process: end, end, shaped.
The cost of turning work is determined by several factors: scope of work, volume, complexity of processing and timing. Our company offers metal turning work at an attractive price, thanks to a unique work scheme, without intermediaries. You order a service from us, we carry it out. Fast, simple and reliable. In addition to standard turning and milling work, we are ready to produce parts for you according to your unique drawings.
Turning work to order
Purpose of turning and milling work
Maximum processing diameter - 410 mm,
Maximum processing length - 1030 mm,
The diameter of the processed rod is 81 mm.
Turning is the most important stage of metal processing. At this stage of processing, the workpiece acquires the required shape, in accordance with the technical specifications and drawings. Modern machines make it possible to achieve great precision and quality in the processing of parts.

This kind of metal work is carried out on specialized machines and only by qualified workers. During the work process, constant quality control of the work is carried out, since the main parameter for assessing the quality of a part for the possibility of further processing is the quality of the turning and milling work performed. Metalworking Center LLC specializes in turning and milling metal work to order not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in Russia. The company’s specialists are ready to carry out metalworking and milling work of varying complexity and volume in a short time. Rich experience and highly qualified employees allow the company to perform almost all available types of work.
In November 2019, a new lathe was put into operation. Basic processing capabilities
Example of work
Example of work
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